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The Fuzzy Log. Who is Fuzzy? Is it a magician or perhaps a mathematician? Nonsense!

Is it a hotel or hostel? None of it! It is a different travel accommodation. Furthermore, it is a unique experience. It is everything that you need to feel just like at home. Fuzzy is a log cabin which thinks logically, offers a new insight into the future of travelling, and has a small carbon footprint as well. This is a new concept of placing an accommodation into an old building by logically using the surrounding open, public, or private spaces. By implementing the diverse usage of materials and keeping in mind the environment, this presents a sustainable 2020 accommodation.

As a guest at The Fuzzy Log, you can decide and choose your cabin based on your desires (lightning, bed, work place, etc.). You are free to use our extras: grab and go, mini shop for daily needs with eco-friendly and sustainable souvenirs for friends, fitness, wellness and spa. You can also enjoy your time by making your own meals or by learning how to prepare Slovene cuisine. Finally, our booking and check-in service is as simple as buying a plane ticket – you can choose which cabin you prefer based on your wishes: downwards, upwards, in that or another corner…

We are different and fresh, and we are proud of it. We will do everything we can so that you will not be missing anything during your stay at the Fuzzy Log. Here, you will have a unique experience, discover travelling from a new perspective, meet a lot of happy people, and become part of our UHcollection family. We believe that you will not forget us.

The Fuzzy Log is a happy place full of excitement and joyful times